Renaissance Earth

Team RE

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We are a small team with backgrounds in event management, sustainability, media and public relations. We operate under a lean model structure, bringing in specialised delivery teams on a project by project basis.

We believe we all have a unique purpose and that the purpose of business is to succeed and be a force for good, locally and globally.  Renaissance Earth is our purpose and our business.

What brings us together is a shared passion for disruptive innovation, whole systems creation, mindfulness and purposeful living.  It's in our DNA and, as a team, our reason for being.



Marian Delacoeur
Marian is the Founder and CEO of Renaissance Earth. She is a big picture strategist with a passion for whole systems and lifecycle thinking, social purpose and mindfulness psychology which provided the impetus for Renaissance Earth and RE: Impact. 

Her professional background includes managing the public speaking and business publications division for one of Australia’s foremost futures and strategic consulting organisations, establishing a boutique speakers agency promoting academic futurists, and establishing Renaissance Earth.

Marian also provides personal development consulting. She regularly conducts mindfulness and purposeful living workshops and provides professional and personal mentoring. She is a former board member of the Open Family Foundation.


Helen Armitage
As Project Director, Helen brings to Renaissance Earth her extensive project management skills. Prior to joining Renaissance Earth, she operated her own event management business having previously worked in the government sector to conduct strategic reviews, community consultations and capital fund allocations.  Her earlier career included executive roles in the sports industry together with statutory and board positions with multi-purpose venues and international events.


Kerrie Theobald
Kerrie has held a number of management roles in media, in magazine publishing and television and has successfully run her own PR company for many years.  During this time she has been a dedicated member of the RE team, bringing her wealth of experience, expertise and passion to her role as Media Director.