The challenge of sustainable living requires us all to work together and be bold and ambitious in our hopes for the future. Ultimately, we will only succeed if we inspire billions of people around the world to take small everyday actions that add up to a big difference - actions that will enable all of us to live more sustainably.
— Paul Polman

Current Projects

RE: Impact


RE: Impact is the flagship initiative of Renaissance Earth. A blueprint call to action evolving out of the global challenges of our time and the emerging social and technological innovation impacting positive change in the world.

RE: Impact is a world-first delivery pathway to positive change. An epic style moonshot event, in the spirit and tradition of world games, that uses mass market platforms, innovative technologies and inspired collaborations to accelerate the sustainability revolution on a global scale.

RE: Impact gives people and business the resources to champion the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement, with a moonshot mission to continuously raise the sustainability bar and step change our way to a world we all want to live in.

RE: Impact has been created to incentivise participation.  A game-changing fintech model rewards participation and mobilises financial capital to seed and scale sustainable innovation and build an enduring legacy for present and future generations.


Alliance Projects

Renaissance Earth is committed to promoting and providing financial capital to support initiatives that have the potential to impact positive change on a mass scale.

Girls Invent

Girls Invent.jpeg

Girls Invent is a unique innovation and business creation program that supports young women to believe in their creative ideas and progress these into successful businesses by:

  • building innovation and business creation into the core STEM curriculum

  • offering professional development for teachers and educators

  • providing concept and design consultancy to build innovation spaces for students' use

  • delivering online training for students unable to attend our workshops

  • linking girls' business ideas with external companies.

Girls Invent is now expanding its reach to over 150 schools through a network of accredited trainers who live locally to schools and provide face to face support.