We live in a world of our collective choices

We are living at the pivotal point of exponential change and one of the most transformational times in the history of humanity. As dysfunctional global systems breakdown around us, a social and technological revolution is emerging that is going to fundamentally change life as we know it.

Futurists are predicting we will see as much change, as much evolution, in the next 20 years as has been experienced in the past 300.  The changes will be monumental in terms of size, speed and scope and its impact immense, affecting the way we live, work, communicate and relate to each other.

Now, for the first time in history, we have an unprecedented opportunity to choose our future. To use the power of this moment to consciously shape the revolution. To define our course, design solutions and harness the emergent technology to serve humanity and create a better world, not only for ourselves, but as an enduring gift for future generations.

Conscious evolution.  This is the gift and the challenge on our time.

Renaissance Earth has been created to meet this challenge.  To provide people and business with the resources and incentives to co-create our very best future.


Our Mission

Renaissance Earth is a hybrid social enterprise intergrating a for-profit business, Renaissance Earth Pty Ld, and the Renaissance Earth Foundation, a non-profit Charitable Trust registered in Australia.

Our mission is to incentivise behaviour change on a mass scale to make sustainability and social purpose a shared mission and common goal.


We do this by:

  • developing projects that deliver solutions to engage a mass market of people and business, empower transformation and drive collaborative action
  • promoting change leadership to highlight the disruptors and innovators - people, ideas, solutions and enterprises - that are impacting change and contributing to building a better world


  • raising financial capital and distributing funds to seed and scale sustainable development, build community capacity and generate deep social and environmental impact
  • collaborating with an ecosystem of partners and alliances who share our vision and goals to drive impactful, global change.